The society conducted awareness Camps for the rural women and youth on various subjects such as Mother and Child care, Environmental Awareness, self Employment Programmes, DWCRA Programmes, and Thrift Programmes etc., to create awareness on the topics to the rural masses with the help of society resource personnel, local officials. The programme was conducted in 5 villages of KVB Puram Mandal of Chittoor District with the society own funds.


The organization is regularly conducting Consumer Awareness Camps in the area to create awareness about Consumer Laws and Activities. In this connection the organization conducted 4 camps in 4 villages of Srikalahasti Mandal of Chittor District, where the society has created awareness about the consumer laws and activities. Nearly 600 rural people were participated in the camps and benefited. The organization incurred Rs.18,260/- towards the awareness camps from its won resources. The society has formed village communities to solve the village level consumer cases by themselves.


The recent floods in the district caused much damage to the people and make them shelter less. SRI society came forward to help them by collecting cloths, food grains, medicines etc., The society distributed the clothes, medicines and other essential goods to help the victims to survive.


The organization actively participated in the Janmabhumi Programmes along with the society members, volunteers here the organization cleaned drainages, cleared bushes on the road sides, white washed the Hospital and School buildings etc., successfully. In these programme the society joined with the other institutions/organizations to implement the programme successfully for the benefit of the villages of KVB Puram Mandal of Chittoor District.


The Society has conducted Health Camps in the remote villages of Srikalahasti Mandl of Chittooor District to provide medical facilities to the needy rural poor who are not having proper medical facilities in the area. The society has conducted health camps for simple diseases and distributed medicines for the ailments freely to the patients. With the advise of the medical team the organization referred cases to the Govt. Hospitals for proper medical treatment. The programme was conducted with me donations of local public and society members contributions.


The SRI Society has conducted 2 Eye Camps in Chandragiri and Pitchaturu Mandals of Chittoor District with the help of Lion’s Club and Rotary club of Chittor, where the organization conducted cataract operations for 300 poor aged parents with help local Eye Specialists, Free medical checkup and conducted in the camps relating the eye diseases and vision effects in the camps. The society has distributed medicines and optical to the patients at free of cost.


To follow the National literacy Programme the Organisaiton has conducting Akshrashyata Programme in 2 Mandals of Chittoor District, where the organization has opned night schools for the rural masses of Srikalahasti and Puttur Mandals. Nearly 600 adults were learning basic education in the schools. Now the rural masses are on the way of studying news papers, and others with help of the school The programme is providing education facilities of the rural masses which is a beneficial for the masses to know the National and Internal affairs and their situations in the present society.


The society has regularly conducting the family palnning Camps in the area to reduce the growth of population. In this regard, this year the society ahs conducted family planning camps in 2 Mandals of Chittoor District, as the organization has noticed that the burning progloem of incrasing population the area, as the people are not aware about the problem. The organization ahs conducted the camps with help of medical team, Govt. Doctsoa dn Dist. Medical & health Department with a motto of “CHINNA KUTUMBAM CHITHALENI KUTUMBAM”. IN these camps nearly 200 family planning operations were taken up. The organization distr5ibuted medicines, fruits, cloths to the patients freely with the society own funds.


The organization has actively participated the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme conducted by the Govt. during the month of December, 2007 and January, 2008, where the organization vaccinated nearly 600 children in the camps. The society conducted campaign in the rural areas, motivated villagers, volunteers and social workers to participate in the Pulse Polio Programme and to vaccinate the children between the age group of 0 to 5 years.


The SRI regularly conducting awareness caps abou the deadly disease of HIV/AIDS in the areas of Chittor District to motivate the villagers about he prevention of the HIV/AIDS. The organization conducted campaigns with help of schooling the are to create awareness about the disease/. The need of creating awareness about the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS is essential today. In this regard the organistion formed a separate medical team to identify he cases and to make counseling with the diseased with the help of the society medical team. The organization conducted several awareness camps and film shows in the rural villages of Srikalahasti, KVB Puram and Chandragiri Mandals of Chittoor District.


The SRI Society has taken up a plantation programme in 2 villages of PItchaturu, Chandragiri Mandals, where the organization has planted species on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar’s Jayanthi with the help of school children and Forest department. The organization conducted a rally with the school children by demonstrating “VRUKSHO RAKSHATI RAKSHIT AHA”. The organization plated plants on street sides, school premises, hospital premises etc., the organization motivated the villagers to protect the environment by raising kitchen gardens in their house premises.


In the Women Self Development Programme the organization is imparting training in Tailoring, Reeadymade garmets making, basket making, fevicryl fabric painting etc., tot herual poor woment o supplement their family income through producting goods by learninghte trades. Nearly 100 rural women were benefiting through the programmes as the organisaiton running the centre with its won funds.


The organization conducted the state and National festivals such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar’s Jayanthi, A.P. Formation Day etc., with enthusiasm, and conducted cultural programmes with the help of society members and local artists. The organization distributed books, cloths to the poor school children, medicines and cloths to the aged persons with the society own funds.


The organization is running Thrift and credit Programme in Srikalahasti and KVB Puram Mandals of Chitoor District, where the organization has formed 23 self help Groups in 23 villages with 15 members in each SHG, where the beneficiaries were depositing Rs.20/- per month per head as Savings. From out of collecting savings amount the organization distributed loans for 88 beneficiaries to start dairy, tailoring, vegable wending another petty business to supplement their family income. The programme is successfully running with the participation of the beneficiaries.

Thus, the SRI society rendering its services for he promotion of living conditions of the rural masses in the area.

The company also undertakes corporate training programs for the Corporate sector at large, giving modular courses
Company CEO
The company also undertakes corporate training programs for the Corporate sector at large, giving modular courses
Company CEO